They are listed as single coated in both the Calumet Catalog and the March 2, D. If you have access to any old Fujinon literature, please check the date codes on the rear covers. If there is any shortage of certain item we will inform you either wait for item update or refund to you. So, to all you mm f6. For some examples of EBC multicoating reflections, see Figure 6.

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All items are sent by Poslaju which require 2 working days. Even though they don’t have an official distributor, Fujinon large format lenses are currently available new in the US from a number of sources.

With no alternative in the C line, the mm f5. In the Fujinon Professional Lenses brochures from 240aa, and March,the column for this lens in the spec table is shaded green – indicating that it is EBC multicoated. All other models switched to outer lettering in the early s. Which corresponds to April, The SF lenses are also the only current Fujinon large format lenses that are labeled using inner lettering.

Originally, the labeling, including the serial number, was located around an inner ring on the front element.

When the EBC multicoated mm and mm C series models came out in mid, in smaller, cheaper Copal 1 shutters, there was little reason to continue offering the mm and mm single coated L models in spendy 3 shutters. A search here turned up precious little, so I’m fujk this out Unfortunately, two of the ones I wanted to try, the mm f6.


DocuPrint 240A Drivers & Downloads

The shipping address for the order 3. Old Stock or Best. It depends on the item weight and location. What happen if fujj remanufactured toner that I purchased is defective? Let’s start by defining the column headings and the meaning of the entries in the table.

So, I’m not sure what to believe. In between, many models have been discontinued and new models introduced. All remanufactured toner sell at this store has gone through stringent quality control process and it is very unlikely that you will receive toner that is defective. If you have access to any old 240 literature, please check the date codes on the rear covers.

The table is far from complete, and is a work in progress. They usually have several models fji stock and get weekly shipments from Japan. Does anyone have direct experience with the sharpness, usability focusing on a fresnel lensand contrast with these 3 lenses?

For an example of a single coated Fujinon lens, see Figure 5. As for the longer lengths, I use the A and the Nikkor M vut they are fuki superb lenses.

Fuji A/C/C sharpness question | Photography Forums

Copal C – this is another chrome ringed Copal, but the ring is thicker and more block-like than the Copal S type. One additional point of confusion is the inconsistent use of the S suffix on fujii lens designation. It appears that the serial numbers are assigned in large blocks whenever a new lens is brought to market.


Up until aboutall Fujinon large format lenses were single coated. As this fuki grows, hopefully some trends will emerge that will be useful when shopping for used Fujinon large format lenses. Even though that table has some gaps, some trends are already evident such as approximate introduction and discontinuation dates for some models and when, approximately, some models transitioned from single coating to EBC multicoating.

So, what happened to xxx? I have owned both the A and the C and love them both. In spite of the fact that they haven’t officially sold Fujinon large format lenses in the US in nearly 10 years, my contact at Fuji Photo Film U.

However, based on what I have learned from the Fujinon literature I have access to, neither fujji to have ever been sold with EBC multicoatings. Remanufactured cartridges or Recycled Toner Cartridge make use of 240z used original cartridges that have been through one cycle of service and have been disassembled, cleaned, and refilled.

If you have any Fujinon large format lenses, and would like to contribute data to this table, please email the information on your lenses see Definitions below for a description of the column headings:

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