The card has an ordinary cooler without a tachometer. Especially if you already wear glasses when you’re peering at a computer screen. Some GeForce2 boards have extra video outputs, some have video input, some have further fancy options. Full digital technology used is better than VCR-type video security systems. We managed to overclock the graphics processor up to MHz, and the memory resulting frequency constituted MHz.

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Believe the NVIDIA press release artists and you’d think it came with warp drive and dual reciprocating cancer cures, but in reality it’s just got a faster core and higher rated RAM.

Detects and monitors any environmental deviation from the user-configurable norm. Execute other security prp programs.

Even then, it’s a stretch; you need about a 0. Contrary to popular belief ASUS is not a novice in the graphic card market, but they are veterans.

Indeed, in case of GeForce2 GTS the memory resulting frequency is the same for both card variants – MHz they differ only in memory size. Any graphics card on the market today can handle playing DVDs, provided you’ve got a MHz-or-faster CPU, by just sitting there and pumping CPU-generated graphics onto the screen, without doing any decoding work itself.

ASUS V7700 Deluxe 32MB GeForce2 GTS

No one will dare doubt that ASUSTeK offer high quality products, a rich complete set, unigue engeneering developments allowing a user to adjust modern 3D accelerators as what they want. It was a year ago, when one of Quake3 developers said that that game at xx32 at many levels would use 54 MBytes of textures. You plug a camera into your Assu, you tell Video Security what areas of the image to monitor for movement, and if it sees any, it can save a video clip, run whatever program you configure, send e-mail, or dial a number via your modem and play a warning sound of your choice.


Of cause, as you can see, that performance level of GeForce2 Ultra remains unachievable here.


v77700 But you lose image quality. In result, the cards with 64 MBytes local memory started their way quite gingerly. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The card has an ordinary cooler without a tachometer. Plus, with the brute grunt of the GeForce2 behind it, it’s possible to use the visually superior “page flip” mode, and retain a good frame rate. Send a warning e-mail auss photo to the user-defined address.

The board is a traditionally rich yellow. That’s why one may to expect a performance gain when setting the board at higher frequency. GeForce2 Pro based videocards have a graphics processor with core working frequency at MHz.

You can’t lean to one side and see behind something – the images presented stay exactly the same regardless of your real line of sight to the screen – but there genuinely is more object position data being pumped into your brain. They’ve all got pretty much the same raw performance – some can be wound up a bit further above stock speed than others, but the difference is trivial.

ASUS V7700 Pro (NVidia GeForce 2 GTS)

For GeForce2 GTS the bigger memory size can be required only by applications with huge textures or when working at high resolutions. Are GeForce2 Pro based cards be able to give such opportunity? The VD looks significantly different, with plenty of extra componentry to support the extra ins and outs. The trouble with reference drivers, though, is that they don’t let you use non-standard features like funny video connectors and 3D glasses – the stuff you’re paying for, if you buy a V Deluxe instead of an ordinary GeForce2 GTS board.


There’s also E-Color’s 3Deep gamma correction software, which gives you more flexibility than usual in tweaking the brightness curves of your 3D games. In Quake3 in bit color mode only at x and higher you can see the real performance, and at lower resolutions you will see that the system is set against the CPU performance.

And it’s still not a professional package – don’t be surprised if a frame or three gets dropped every time Windows decides to have a peek at its swap file.

But if you’re looking for a video-in, video-out card with OK video editing software, a good pack-in game, and 3D glasses as a bonus, and the price won’t force you to sell relatives you actually pfo about into slavery, then the V Deluxe could be the all-singing, all-dancing upgrade board for you. Each manufacturer has its own strategy to make their card distinguishable from the competition; Hercules has added RAM-heatsinks, Creative Labs has reduced their prices, and ASUS has decided to tackle this issue with features, and lots of them.

Let’s start with 2D-graphics. Noteworthy is the fact that sometimes in specifications you can see not a working frequency, but a resulting one.

Users can define the response procedures once any unusual condition is detected. I should notice that its overclockability is quite promising. But if you want all of the extras pfo a surprisingly good price, ASUS’ flagship card could be just what you’re after.

ASUS is well known for their superb motherboards, which are highly regarded within the hardware community.

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